Water Propagation

The cuttings you know of course!

  • What does cutting a plant mean?
Cuttings are the process of reproducing a plant from one of its elements without the need for a seed. A form of cloning in a way.
You take a piece of your plant (stem, leaf, etc.) and then plant it either directly in the ground or in water.
  • Why make your cuttings in water?

The cuttings in water is simple and above all it can be very aesthetic especially when the cuttings are installed in pretty vases.
By placing your piece of plant in water, you will have a front row seat to admire the show! At a glance you can observe your cutting: see if the roots take well, follow its evolution.

We explain here how to take a cutting from your plant, in water.

cuttings in water

  • How to make a stem cutting in water?

- With pruning shears, small shears or disinfected garden scissors, take a healthy stem (without flowers and without insects) of about 10 centimeters, cutting at an angle and below the node, i.e. say under the protrusion that is on the stem.

And why below the knot? Because this zone, highly concentrated in hormones, is the zone of your stem able to develop new roots.

- Cut the leaves present on the stem, except those at the top.

Why cut the leaves? To not exhaust your stem and allow it to keep its energy to develop the roots of your future plant.

- Then possibly dip the stem in rooting hormone.

- Choose a beautiful transparent vase , such as the Kinto aquaculture vases , and install the cutting in it.

You can also use a jar of jam or a glass on which you place a sprout dish that will keep the stem cut straight.

As soon as you see roots, the cutting has succeeded! This can take a few days or several weeks depending on the plant.

When the first roots are there, you can use a special liquid cutting fertilizer to help your plant develop.

Also remember to change the water regularly, about once a week.

You can then let your plant grow in water or transplant your cutting into the ground. If you choose the latter option, be careful to keep the soil moist.

And here you can get started. We love making cuttings in water and we find it a bit addictive! And you?

Ready to sprout your seeds now?

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