Plant Your Pits!

Planting a kernel is not very complicated and above all it is fun!

So keep your fruit pips and stones, dried fruits or olives and plant them! Avocado, peach, mango, lemon, almond, lychee, pomegranate or even passion fruit...

How to do ?

  • Step 1: Preparing the core

Clean your pits or pips under running water to get rid of the pulp that adheres to them and prevent mould.

For pits such as avocados, lemons or lychees: soak the pits for one or two days in a glass of water.

For peaches, almonds, or even mangoes: collect the almond inside the kernel.

And for pomegranate seeds or passion fruit: get rid of the viscous envelope that surrounds the seeds.

  • Step 2: Germinate the seed

Wrap your pits, almonds or seeds in damp paper towel or cotton. Then place them in an airtight freezer bag.

Store it in a warm place. And wait!

You will see roots appear after a few days or weeks.

  • Step 3: Plant your kernel

You have successfully germinated your seed, congratulations!

All you have to do is plant your kernel, almond or seed in the ground. You can also grow it in water using, for example , germination cups or aquaculture vases available on the Jardiniste eshop.

If, like us, you like growing plants in water, try taking cuttings from your plants in water . Simple and aesthetic!

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