Put your Oxalis to rest and take the opportunity to take a cutting!

Have you thought about putting your Oxalis Triangularis to rest during the winter? By making it hibernate, you will help it to be more beautiful!

A few things about your Oxalis Triangularis

It is a perennial plant whose long slender stems emerge from a rhizome.

It is mainly used as a houseplant but can also be placed in your garden or in a pot on the balcony. You just have to be careful with the frost.

She needs :
- regular watering (but not too much either)
- of light – its purple triangular leaves open every morning with the light and close again in the evening. On the other hand, it fears excessive heat so it should not be exposed to direct sun in summer.
- and rest in winter

How to prepare your Oxalis Triangularis for winter?

Towards the end of November, cut the stems back to ground level.
Leave the pot away from light , without watering .
You can put it back in the sun from the end of February.

In the meantime, take the opportunity to try to root your Oxalis in the water.

Take cuttings from your Oxalis Triangularis 

Dip the cut stems of your Oxalis in rooting hormone.
Then place the stems in a nice transparent vase filled with water and...wait.

After a few weeks - it takes a while, at least two months - you should see a small rhizome appear at the end of the stem with small roots and one or more tiny new stems.

Cutting of Oxalis Triangularis

You can then keep your Oxalis Triangularis in the water...

Japanese mini scissors to find here - Aquaculture vases available here

...or plant it in the ground .

And if you have enough, why not use its leaves in cooking. They are edible (to be used in small quantities). Their tangy taste will spice up a salad, for example.

Do not hesitate to share here in comments your tips or experiences with Oxalis Triangularis .

Thank you ✨

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