On August 30, gardeners celebrate Saint-Fiacre

The Catholic religious tradition has defined a patron saint per profession whose vocation is to protect its members.

August 30 is an important day for gardeners because it is Saint-Fiacre, the feast of their patron saint. Gardeners pray to Saint Fiacre for the hope of having a beautiful garden and good harvests.

The story of Saint Fiacre, the Saint with the green thumb

Originally from Ireland, in the 7th century, Saint Fiacre chose a monastic life at a very young age. At 17, he decided to retire to France near Meaux to work the land.

The bishop of Meaux promises to give him all the land he will be able to surround with a ditch with a simple spade for one day. By a miracle, Saint Fiacre managed to enclose a very large plot of land.

Legend has it that when he dropped his stick on the ground, it transformed into a spade, uprooting the trees to provide him with land ready for cultivation.

The monk then created a garden allowing him to have a vegetable garden and an orchard whose very large production made it possible to feed the poor.

Many other miracles are attributed to Saint Fiacre, so much so that he quickly became a revered saint.

Saint-Fiacre Festivals

Festivities often take place on August 30 in France, to celebrate the patron saint of gardeners.

Horticulturists, market gardeners, nursery growers, landscapers and florists are organizing major events throughout France. Very colorful festivities: exhibitions of flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc.

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