Germinate your lemon seeds

How to successfully grow a lemon tree from seeds. Here is the foolproof method:

Germinate the seeds 🍋

Take a lemon and collect its seeds.

Clean the seeds under running water to remove the adhering pulp and prevent mold.
Leave them to soak for one or two days in a glass of water.
Then wrap the seeds in damp paper towels or cotton and place them in an airtight freezer-type bag that you close.
Store the sachet in a warm place. And wait!

After a few weeks, you will see the first root appear.
Wait until it measures a few centimeters to remove the seeds from the bag.

Growing your lemon tree

Once your lemon seed has germinated and has a root of a few centimeters, all you have to do is plant it in the ground .

You can also grow it in water, a method that I really like.
Then place the seed on a cutting cup - like this one - with the root in the water.
Wait a few more weeks before having the joy of seeing the first leaves appear!


Merci pour vos explications. Je vais tenter de faire découvrir la naissance d’un petit citronnier à mes petites filles.

MELADOR January 17, 2024

Je vais suivre vos conseils en espérant que je vais réussir

Garnier January 17, 2024

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