Japanese Secateurs Care - How Do I Do?

Most Japanese Secateurs and Cutting Tools are made of carbon steel. This means that with regular use your secateurs will stain (and possibly rust) and gradually lose its sharpness.

So how do you maintain your Japanese Secateurs?

Caring for it involves three things: using it properly, keeping it clean, and keeping it sharp.

  • How to use your Japanese pruner correctly?
  • Japanese steel is hard and sharp, and can be more brittle than some people are used to. It may chip with unusual use.

    - Do not cut wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material
    - Do not twist it or apply uneven pressure
    - Diagonally cut branches or twigs
    - Pay attention to the maximum recommended cutting dimensions


  • How to keep your Japanese secateurs clean?
  • - Scrape the resin from the leaves and all the dirt
    - If necessary, rinse your secateurs with water, then dry them completely. You can definitely use a scrub brush and dishwashing liquid.

    - Then rub the blades of your shears with a cleaning eraser and Camellia oil to remove the last dirt

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    - And finally, wipe the blades with Camellia oil and keep your shears in a dry place.


  • How do you keep your Japanese tools sharp?
  • Your new tools won't need sharpening for a while, but after a while you'll notice that they gradually lose their sharpness.

    - For regular sharpening, use the medium grit whetstone .

    - Soak the stone in water for five minutes before use and splash with water during use to keep the stone moist

    - If you use your secateurs regularly , sharpen them every two weeks.

    - Sharpen your shears every time you use them - the difference is amazing!

    But by the way, why do you need a Japanese pruner?

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